What to Compost?

If it grows it goes!

  • Eggshells

  • Banana peels

  • Apple cores

  • Coffee grounds

  • Tea bags

  • Stale bread

  • Carrot tops

  • Citrus rinds

  • Peach pits

  • Cherry stems

  • Bell pepper stems and seeds

  • Chicken bones

  • Broccoli stalks

  • Corn cobs

  • Wilted lettuce

  • Used paper napkins and kleenex

  • Dead flowers

  • House plant clippings

  • Beef gristle

  • Onion skins

And that's just to start!

You can also look for the BPI Compostable Logo!

Here's what that means:

BPI® is short for Biodegradable Products Institute. BPI® is an association that was established to provide testing, education and promotion of compostable products. BPI® ensures that any product that carries its logo meet the ASTM D6400 standard and specifications required to be compostable. The BPI® logo gives confidence to consumers, composters and regulators of a truly compostable product.

For any other questions on what to compost use the contact information below to shoot us an email!